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Banks, Ondaatje, and pushing through…

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Well I finished the Wasp Factory by Iain Banks and as disgusted as I was by the character that was created for me, I was very impressed. Banks writing style is phenomenal, the reader has the sense of being in the same room with the characters and this is unsettling, especially when the protagonist is a murdering youth who enjoys killing animals, children, and people. I think the point of Mr. Banks novel is make the reader go through the same emotions and feelings that I experienced, disgust and horror. My first impressions are here. My interpretation of what Banks seeks to perform when creating a story so disgusting with characters so revolting, well it is to show that this side of life does in fact exist, that people like this do live in our society and it’s important to not forget them, to not overlook them as we so often do. I still have a bit of trouble reflecting back on this novel, the scenes truly are horrid and they are seared into my mind. I recommend this book to anyone, but just be forewarned, it’s a bit heavy and not at all a pick me up type of novel. This is a novel that delves deep into the darkest parts of a chaotic child’s mind, a psychotic deviant who enjoys and gains pleasure by torturing his victims. You’re asking yourself, but what’s the purpose of such a character. It’s about the grotesque, the horror-show. Frank is a character that is obsessed with power, with the way power functions and the many ways in which it can be achieved: through the corruption of another soul, destruction, pain, ritual. It’s a dark read, but worth it if you can force your way through the horror.

I’m starting in on Michael Ondaatje’s Anil’s Ghost. I began this about a year ago but was sidetracked by school or some other book. I enjoy Ondaatje’s poetic verse. His novels are a type of extended poetic expression. You can easily take a section of his book, a paragraph at random and set on its own, it becomes a work of poetry. I’ve read The English Patient and In the Skin of a Lion, a back story to two of the central characters in The English Patient. Outside of that, work has been keeping me from reading as I’ve been doing the night audit recently and that type of atmosphere as well as time of night, make relaxing with a book very difficult. Cheers.


Written by thebeliever07

August 10, 2008 at 8:33 pm

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