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“As a Canadian Citizen who are you voting for: Obama or McCain?”

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I wonder how many Canadians are aware that a Canadian Election is immenent. You would be hard pressed to know this fact by glancing at the front cover of today’s Globe & Mail. It makes sense that I know more about the current U.S. Presidential Election than most, I grew up in the U.S., but the majority of my friends who were raised Canadian, are also more informed about this current Presidential Race than they do about the current goings on of their own political system, and that to me is a sad fact.

Let me be clear, I fully admit and accept that this particular election is quite historic. The first female contender for a Democratic nomination, and the first nomination of an African American for the potential Presidency, these are indeed amazing times for the U.S.

When is the last time you heard someone discuss Canadian soldiers fighting over in Afghanistan, or the ebbing economy? I’m willing to bet that if you were to walk into any Tim Hortons, you are more likely to hear people discussing Barak Obama’s latest speech or Michael Phelps’s Olympic feats.

I’m just as guilty as you, my blog reader. I too, as a Canadian Citizen should be more aware of the politics, and cultural events of my country, yet too often I am distracted by the sparkle of the U.S.

It just seems to me that a Canadian newspaper should lead with Canadian headlines. I am sure that there is something of concern to Canadians that affects Canadians. I am pretty sure that the Globe & Mail has a section devoted to WORLD NEWS and that U.S. issues are discussed there amongst other nations.

The Toronto Star was a bit better than the Globe & Mail, as it’s secondary story on their main page was devoted to the recent Maple Leaf Foods lysteria outbreak, with the Canadian Election a third.

While Canadian Politics are for the most part dull and banal affairs for my own tastes, and I am sure the same feeling for most of you my fellow Canadian readers, it’s still sad that we promote a U.S. Election over our Canadian.

I guess all I can do is try to pay attention a bit more to the politics of my own country and be a more informed citizen.

Vote Green. j/k. Seriously though, vote however you wish, just vote.

Written by thebeliever07

August 29, 2008 at 8:32 am

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