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I was in a very Ibsen mood yesterday afternoon, so I picked up a collection of Ibsen plays, coincidentally, they’re the ones you gave me Erin when we were first becoming friends as a Christmas gift. Anyways, I decided to read it in the order in which the collection presents the plays and thus began “The Lady from the Sea”.

I’m almost done with the play and I’ll be writing a review later on this evening. The only Ibsen play that I have read up until this one was “A Doll’s House” for Conley’s Modernist course.

This play is jsut as engaging and enjoyable as the other, yet I’m sensing a theme with Ibsen. He seems very muhc concerned with the plight of the “modern” housewife, the role of the female in the house and in society. One would think that this would lead him to write strong female characters, but from the two plays I’ve read so far, it seems that they are more tragic than strong. But, I guess that is a bit unfair, as Nora’s exit in the last act of “A Doll’s House” is a brave act. Still, this is only after four acts of suffering and patriarchal manipulation. Well, Ibsen would be proud, as Co-founder of the Royal Society of Ibsen, I am sure he’d be much pleased that I’m actively engaging his opus.


Written by thebeliever07

September 3, 2008 at 3:32 pm

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