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I have not posted anything overtly political in quite a while. Partly because of my hectic work/school schedule; the other half being that I’ve been so apathetic as of late that whenever I start to examine the political systems in which I live, both the U.S. & Canada, I become frustrated and angry.

But, seriously 700 BILLION DOLLARS!!

And Wall-street gets a free pass. No government accountability, nothing to be offered up to those at the bottom who have lost jobs while those at the top jump off a burning building with their Golden Parachutes. It’s disgusting when you think about it. And whether we as Canadians want to admit it or not, we are dependant like so many other nations on the U.S. Government Economic system. This is what happens when you have unrestricted free trade.

Ugh, I’m so fucking mad! I’m choking on my own rage!!!!

Written by thebeliever07

September 25, 2008 at 9:01 am

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