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I recently stumbled upon a pile of books abandoned in the English Department near a waste bin. I was unsure of whether someone had simply forgotton them, but they were quite worn and clearly on top of the waste bin. So I picked them up. A type of inter-office “bookcrossing“, maybe?

I found it odd, especially so in an office full of English Literature professors. You’d figure that someone would want a copy, book-sale, or donation at the library, ah well bonus for me.

Just picked “The Debt to Pleasure” by John Lanchester.

I’m enjoying it so far. But back to the subject at hand.

I was thinking, as someone who is a connoisseur of books, I am not in the habit of leaving a book behind intentionally. I’ll always find someone who is interested in it, or at the least head on over to the used bookstore for a few dollars off of my next purchase.

I’ve misplaced a few books in my time. I know the one I wish I could get back was a copy of Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie. I grabbed that from my cousin’s library out in L.A. and when on my way to the airport, I left it on the seat next to me in the train. Sigh, bonus for someone else I guess.

Written by thebeliever07

October 9, 2008 at 11:11 am

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