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Top 5 of 2008

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Unlike most Top “Whatever” Lists, these Top 5 Books are books that I’ve read in 2008 and not all were published in 2008.

1. Paul Auster – Man in the Dark

2. Iain Banks – The Wasp Factory

3. Philip Roth – The Ghost Writer

4. Haruki Murakami – Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World

5. Jack Keruac & William S. Burroughs – And the Hippos Were Boiled In their Tanks

If you’re interested in some of these fine books, I suggest you make use of the tag-cloud located to the right of this posting, and hit “Book Reviews”. I’d post more but I’m constantly writing book reviews for this blog so just keep on tuning in each week and you’ll always find something of interest that I’ve recently finished or stumbled upon. This year has been satisfying with regards to my pleasure reading. As usual I wish had the time to have read more but alas I am a full time student, worker, and friend. I have noticed that as a result of this life of mine having become busier, I have leaned more towards books of a smaller scale, the majority of the novels being fewer than 300 pages. Well, hopefully 2666 will prove that I still have what it takes to give myself to a book that is all consuming and powerful, cheers.

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December 23, 2008 at 3:27 pm

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