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Christmas Memories

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Growing up in Dallas I was fortunate enough to have two wonderful God-parents, Mr. & Mrs. Smith. When my dad first moved to Dallas from India and I was just a wee tot, my father owned and operated a convenience store. (Let the bad stereotypes begin 😉 Next door to the convenience store was a dry-cleaners where my dad also worked part time, as a presser, pressing pants and shirts. Through Mr. & Mrs. Smith, my father was able to gain the experience and know-how to operate and open his own business. Five Star-Cleaners was born a few years after that. And even though we moved a half hour away, our families always stayed close, eventually to the point where they became my God-parents.

One of my fondest memories of Christmas time was our annual Christmas Day trip to their house. They had retired to a small community about two hours outside of Dallas, and I mean smaller than Fort Erie small. Christmas morning around 8am, our family would pile into the car and make a long trip to have Christmas brunch with the Smiths. They would open up their home to our family and in a way we became extended family members. I believe that the Christmas  Brunch is the one thing I miss the most. The food was always amazing, stuffing, turkey & ham, fruit, mashed potatoes, the works, they had everything. You would walk into that house and the smell of food would hit you and it would just make you smile. It was like walking into a Norman Rockwell painting. A bit cliche, but still nice and comforting.

The family would gather together in their living room and open up presents. The presents were not the best, that is something that always made me chuckle, they were the most grandmother and grandfather-ly types of presents you could expect. Big ugly ass sweaters that only now do I enjoy, as a small child, the last thing you would want. IF I was lucky I might get a small chocolate bar, but more often than not it was some bit of clothing: socks, sweaters, underwear even the one year. These are useful gifts but as a small child, not what you’re seeking.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith would sit and tell the same old stories over and over as old people and Kari tends to do. 😉 The one time I was being watched by Mrs. Smith and I was probablu around the age of 5 or 6, a terrible monster of a child I was. So she decided to give me a bath and I guess the easiest place to wash me was the kitchen sink. Man oh man, did I freak and cry like a damned fool, I was not happy with the type of shampoo and the place of my bathing.

Being at that house on Christmas morning was the best and certain things just jump out in my mind. After brunch, all of the men would gather around in the one living room and play dominoes. Mr. Smith’s brother would sit down and smoke a cigar, drink some brandy and curse like a sailor as he slammed tiles onto the card table. Where I first learned a number of curses. I miss that family quite a bit.

Whenever Christmas rolls around, I always think back to those times. It was nice to be welcomed into someones home so genuinely. Mrs. Smith is the only one that is left, Mr. Smith died a number of years ago at the age of 79. I’ll call her this afternoon like I usually do on Christmas Day. I just thought I’d share a few memories with everyone. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, all that…

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December 25, 2008 at 12:01 pm

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  1. Damn good post, G.


    December 25, 2008 at 11:16 pm

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