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Anti-Valentine’s Day

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heart_20090214134536_92590“Anytime you see Gaurav or Erin exchange a gift, you should just assume that its random.” – Kyle –

Erin and I have an Anti-Valentine’s Day Pact. That seems pretty harsh upon for a cursory contemplation, but its not the day that bothers us or the expressions of love, its the obligation that lingers just beneath the surface of this day. Last year Erin was downtown and she viewed a sign outside of a flower shop a few weeks before Valentine’s Day and written upon it in bold letters: “You know what to do boys, it’s Valentine’s Day!” Yes, nothing says love like obligatory purchases of chocolates and flowers because society will view you as some kind of inhumane ogre or grouch for not submitting to this societal pressure.

If you enjoy Valentine’s Day, well huzzah for you. I have no problems with that, but the way people feel around this holiday is what pisses me off. There is this pressure that exists for those who are in relationship and those who are not and chances are it sucks either way. If you are single all this holiday does is reinforce the very fact that you are alone and “should” be with someone, as if being single makes a person somehow incomplete and unable to enjoy life. If you’re a couple, or married and in a relationship, you have to go out and make reservations at a fancy restaurant, buy some chocolates and flowers, and oh let’s not forget candles and silk sheets, have I drawn a cliche enough picture yet.

Erin and I did not spend gifts on each other this year because honestly a gift that is “forced” upon another person just does not have the same effect that expressions of random love and joy do. The quotation above does sum up how I like to spread love to my friends. A gift given on a random day, a day when you notice someone is feeling out of it or just to see the surprised expression on their face, those to me are the best gifts and they hold the most meaning. Erin and I like to randomly give each other books. Sometimes when you’re having a rough week and you suddenly find a book in your backpack or waiting for you at coffee, well you know that person was truly thinking of you, not because of some holiday signs or decorations, but because they love you.

So Have a Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope that you will take some of my advice and surprise your friend, partner, or loved one with a random gift, they’ll love you more for it, because you mean it.

Written by thebeliever07

February 14, 2009 at 4:47 pm

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  1. I’m with you – my husband and I don’t celebrate V-day either, nor do we exchange Christmas presents. The pressure is too much and we prefer to do gifts at random. I get really pissed off when people assume that, as a woman, I expect anything on this day and things like that sign Erin saw make me bristle.


    February 14, 2009 at 6:06 pm

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