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dvp4964508_veer1When two people are quietly reading books at a coffeehouse, or local Starbucks equivalent, do not approach or attempt to strike up a conversation unless said people have given you eye contact or some verbal or visual signal that they desire aforementioned conversation.

Erin and I were reading and studying at Starbucks earlier this afternoon when some random guy walked up and asked us if we were MA students at Brock. We both politely said no and then fell silent so as not to initiate further conversation. He persisted though. He then asked us if we knew of a certain acquaintance of ours who is in the MA program at Brock. [ I refrain from listing that person’s name as they might feel uncomfortable about it. ] We do know this person, and because we were caught off guard with this socially inept person we had no choice but to reply that yes we do know this person. This random person then proceeded to pass us the back of a bubble gum package with a short written message on it and asked us to pass this on to the acquaintance we both know. We politely said, ok, and then went back to our books.

Erin and I are still confused about this scene. A few questions pop into our heads. If you know this person and have a note that is important to give to them, why not just do it yourself. Also, we affirmed that we knew this person, we did not affirm that we were friends or planning on meeting this person, so why turn random strangers into intermediaries that may or may not be on good terms with the friend that you wish to pass information to. Erin said that she has seen this stranger before on the bus and that he had made some attempts to interact with her in much the same way as this, uninvited and socially awkward. I think that maybe this person was simply trying to invite a conversation with her and further attempt to flirt, but our lack of interest or and conversation sort of backfired on him as he did not get a chance to engage in conversation with the two of us. We have not made up our minds as to whether we should pass along this info or not, we probably won’t.

I have another fun story to relate. When Erin and I had first walked into Starbucks we noticed while waiting in line to order our beverages that they were currently out of the materials for their frappuccinos. I playfully remarked, “They just disappointed a lot of 16 yr. old girls.” I went to the washroom and when I returned Erin informed me that two girls behind her also remarked on the lack of frappuccinos and their utter disappointment.

I think that many people do not realize that Starbucks is a place to consume coffee and not a place for overly priced ice-cream flavoured snacks. I ordered some disgusting tea that I did not finish and ended up going back for an espresso and while I was waiting in line a second time, I overheard a conversation behind me very similiar to the first one.

Boy: Oh man, they’re out of frappucinos.

Girl: Well, what else do they have here.

Boy: They do have other drinks here.

Girl: Let’s go someplace else.

I think at some point in the future, Starbucks will cease to sell coffee and switch over to an all frappacino menu. Your choice of ice-cream flavoured beverages that may or may not contain coffee beans. Imagine going to a coffee house and actually consuming coffee, how bizarre!


Written by thebeliever07

February 17, 2009 at 6:29 pm

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  1. I got to hear this story from Erin. Quite hilarious.
    I do need to point out, though, that in your overheard conversation, the girl’s first line should end with a question mark. ;c)


    February 17, 2009 at 8:38 pm

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