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Racist Situations:

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apu_l__jackson_by_eladversario1. Two Weeks before I leave Dallas, TX. Our family is privately selling our home and I am mowing the front lawn when an old lady pulls up in a Cadillac gets out of the car and says, “Excuse me but is your boss home I’d like to inquire about the home?”

2. Pulling up to Kari’s new home after work and being asked by two people who have just exited her building, “You with Speedy’s?” [ Speedy’s Delivery, a restaurant that provides take out and underground taxi service, apparently if you’re Indian you must be a taxi driver. ]

3. Checking in lady at the hotel and making conversation. “I was just up the street and some of the motels aren’t too clean, but I guess you must be related to him eh. (guest laughs and chuckles at me).”

4. Jamaican couple walking into the front desk. Old man 55 or 60 or so looks at me and greets me by saying “Hey Salaam!” Upon leaving the hotel an hour later, “Thanks Omar!”

There are so many more but these are some of the more stand out situations that I somehow find myself in. Something about me draws the bigots and ignorant out, *sigh.

Written by thebeliever07

May 18, 2009 at 6:18 pm

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