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Thirty-Two pages of mispelled 😉 signs in New York City, New York. The commentary is also delightful.

This next one is amazing and something I am quite thankful to have stumbled across. For all my fellow Bibliophibians: The Book Seer. Type in the name of the book you’ve just finished, and The Book Seer will provide recommendations for your next read.

I am not a big fan of Kevin Smith films in general. I find there to be a certain amount of pretension that just gets on my nerves, probably because I have a similar personality and dislike for all things in the world that anger me. That being said, his blog is hilarious at times and I was trolling around on mefi when I stumbled upon this dated but hilarious post: “On the Perils of Strip Clubs”.

First seen on the web this week, posters have sprung up in LA and Atlanta. Interesting discussions on the WashingtonPost.com site. Many different ideas about the posters and their significance. Tampa Bay Times also takes up the debate.

And this is just cool, that’s all for this your most current Links Galore post. Enjoy.

Written by thebeliever07

August 11, 2009 at 1:53 pm

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