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“It doesn’t affect me.”

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I have two guests who stay with the hotel on a regular basis, workers who are contracted out by other companies to fix bridges. Last week I noticed the one guest check out and then slip his key-card from his jacket to his front pocket and I politely asked, “I can take that for you.”, to which he politely informed me that he normally throws them away, shrugged his shoulders and handed it back to me. I told him that there is a cost involved and that we always appreciate the return of our keys. Just a few minutes ago he checked out again and as he did not hand me back his key I politely asked for it again. “You sure are vigilant about your keys.” I politely informed him again that there is a cost to the hotel and that in the long run it is in his best interest to return the key to me. If the hotel has to continue to purchase these keys, it will affect room rates. “It doesn’t affect me.” His boss who is paying for the room right in front of him overhears this and says, “It affects me.” And this other guest says, “What do I care?” 


I hate ignorant people. We are a mid-size hotel at 71 rooms. I know that in some higher priced larger hotels there are room key deposits and if the keys are not returned the guest is charged upwards of $50. I wish I could institute something like that for my guests. 

How is it that so many people think the plastic key cards are simply tossed out, do they realize how much waste that would incur. I would have further told him about the ecological impact of his tossing out the cards but this type of person is not generally responsive to such commentary. 


The image to the right states that the card is “protected with your own unique id number” and often people assume that this card holds their private information. That is incorrect. The card simply holds a specific number that allows that room to be opened and the length of stay which is timed to lock out after the length of stay has been exceeded, yet so many people insist on taking the cards and destroying them because of the fear of “personal information” being lost. 

If you ever stay at a hotel, kindly return the key to the front desk it, it helps with cost and environment.

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April 24, 2009 at 7:30 am

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