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Links Galore:

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What the internet knows about you.

I’m not sure why this is entirely necessary as an analysis. I mean how insecure can a guy be…apparently this insecure. Urinal protocol vulnerability.

Slang in the Great Depression. Less’n you’re a dumbcluck, you’re gonna open up that bazoo and speak the language that taught John Swartzwelder everything he knows.

I realize this is not a link exactly but it is still awesome.


This blog is hilarious. And this post even more so: 60ish Literary Euphemisms for Masturbation.

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Links Galore:

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Links Galore:

  1. Amazon takes a page from Orwell, literally.
  2. Merln’s Beard! Editing and proofing are important.
  3. Barbie, now with more authentic-looking black features.
  4. Smoke if you got ’em.
  5. Quietube| Video without the distractions.

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Camel VS. Bin

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links2Poets Ranked by Beard Weight

On or about December 1910 

For Kari: The Art & Science of Baby Names 

Did Gauguin Cut Off van Gogh’s Ear? According to a new book by two German art historians, van Gogh did not slice off his left ear in a fit of madness and drunkenness in Arles in December 1888. His ear was severed by a sword wielded by his friend, the painter, Paul Gauguin, in a drunken row over a woman called Rachel and the true nature of art. 

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